October 28, 2008 § 6 Comments

I do it alot. I regret and regret until I make myself crazy. It is an extremely bad habit of mine, but it’s embedded in me. I’ll regret everything I do, the bad food I’ve ordered, staying late somewhere and not leaving earlier so I reach home at time, making the wrong decisions. I regret and I think about it the whole day, if not the next. Sometimes I even regret things which happened quite a long time ago!

My friend pointed it out to me, this ridiculously bad habit of mine, of regretting. Whenever we’d go somewhere, and sit in the car, I’d lament about something. To the point where she exclaimed once, ‘Stop regretting!’, but just before she was leaving for London a week ago, she did the exact same thing one day. She realised it and blamed me for passing on the problem to her. Apparently, I do it so much sometimes, people around me have started catching it!

I know it’s wrong. Because whatever has passed is qadrAllah, and I need to stop being such dumb-always-regretting person.

I’m going through a petty emotional moods-swing right now. *grumbles* And I’m regretting again [About such a silly thing that I can’t even mention it] !!! 😡


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