On a Cold Winters Night

November 19, 2008 § 4 Comments

She sits in solitude on a Cold Winters Night. Beauty; that is what a Cold Winters night is. Magical, mysterious, ethereal. And solitude? There is beauty in that also, a sense of well being, a moment of contemplation. A moment of your own. She sits there, embracing the night. It is hers. In her heart there is a sense of well-being. She is content. An inner peace surrounds her, encompassing her, lifting her. She smiles, she knows why that inner peace is there. But she fears loosing it and she knows it can be lost, just like that. She must keep on making the sacrifices to keep the inner peace in her heart. If it leaves her, all would be lost.

She sits there in the Cold Winters Night, contemplating. Longing, wanting, hopeful.

She longs for it to never end, this Cold Winters Night.


The Dress On The Wall

November 15, 2008 § 13 Comments

So this is going to be a very materialistic post, confirming the stereotypical image of Women. But, whatever.

I was at the mall with a friend a couple of weeks back, and we passed this shop, to be more specific, ‘Stradivarius’ when we saw three gorgeous dresses in purple and green hanging on the showcase. They were long and the old gypsy style and yet, not that formal. We went inside and ‘Ooohed and Aaaahed’ over them for sometime but decided not to get them at that moment because we couldn’t decide if we should or not. Why? They were slightly pricey then the usual. It’s not like I don’t pricey things once in a while, all Women do. But, they should be worth the money.

Anyway, we left, thinking we should come back again. In fact, I came back with my Sister, and I still didn’t buy it. I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to shopping for clothes. I have the hardest time choosing what I want and what I don’t. My Moms lectured me on it a couple of times because sometimes my siblings and I go out for the purpose of shopping, and I come home empty handed. [Or with a book instead, heh].

So yesterday, my friend mentioned that dress again, she went back too but didn’t get it. And surprisingly, the other day I saw this Woman wearing it, it looked gorgeous. I, however, cannot decide if I should splurge on it or not. The thing is, I *have* clothes, and I don’t want it to be a waste, but it’s okay to splurge once in a while, or no? Sigh. Decisions!

I’ve realised though, that my shopping habits suck, especially when out buying clothes. I’ve put back stuff and later on regretted it. I stand there and contemplate quite a few times before picking up anything. I’d rather go shopping for books or food. It’s not like I don’t love gorgeous clothing. but i just have a hard time picking the right stuff. On the hand, my Sister is an excellent shopper, she’ll get the all the best deals from all the shops.

I wish I had a picture of the dress, but sadly its not on the site or anywhere to be found on the Web. I think I’ll get over it. In fact, I don’t even know if it’s still in stock now.

The Sea

November 13, 2008 § 11 Comments

She looks ethereal as she walks towards the sea in the dark misty night. The sea is her source of peace and  strength. Her solace. The sand caresses her bare aching feet. She is tired but in the end it is worth it, it always is. She is alone and yet… not. The elements surround her, welcoming her, recognising her. The wind rustles her dress, plays with her hair, sending it tumbling down her back, loosening it from its carefully put-in pins, but she does she really care? She embraces nature with a soft smile.

Lifting the hem of her white dress slightly, she steps into the first hint of water. A pleasant sigh escapes her lips. She closes her dark eyes shut, her smile widening. This is what she loves. Standing here, away from the hustle and bustle of life. The water keeps on coming and going, playing with her feet. She has long forgotten to hold her dress up, not caring if it dirties or becomes wet. By now, the wind has played havoc with her hair, sending it flying everywhere. She stands there, listening to the sea singing it’s own special melody.

But she must go back. She cannot stay here forever. She must face the harsh realities of life. She turns around and with a last longing look at the sea, she grudgingly makes her way back.

Until next time.

Tagged – Again!

November 10, 2008 § 16 Comments

Okay, Karachiwali tagged me… again. I hope this new phenomenon of ‘Lets tag!’ dies down soon.

The Rules are:

~ Link to the Blogger who tagged you.

~ In your blog, post The Rules and…

~ Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself

~ Tag six other bloggers by linking to them

~ Go to each person’s blog, and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

~ Let me know you’ve done this tagged post too!

My six quirky, yet unspectacular factoids:

1 – I usually wear contacts, but at home I still wear glasses [OK, everyone does! Duh]. I tend to sometimes sleep with them on. There have been times when my siblings’ took them off me and other times, when I wake up, to find myself still wearing them. [Haha, it was hillarious, having correct vision first thing in the morning].

2 – I have this bad habit of sleeping in whatever I’m wearing. I’ve slept in my Hijab/Abaya a couple of times because I was too tired to take it off.

3 – I get emotional about food. I love cooking and baking, but if I burn something in which I’ve put love and time in, [not to mention excitement], I go and cry about it. I was once making Chocolate Chip cookies, and I burned them from the sides because the over was left on for too long. I went and cried over it in the bathroom. [My Mom thought I was being stupid].

4 – Maybe it was ‘People phobia’, but I before I didn’t exactly like meeting new people. I’ve done some pretty stupid things concerning it, once my Sister met a very old friend while we were visiting Karachi, and I hid behind a flower pot, naively thinking it was going to completely hide me from view so I wouldn’t have to meet her friend. [Obviously, I was very visible, trying tohide’ behind a flower pot. :S [Although in my defense, I would say it was actually not those small pots, but larger] My Sisters’ still pick me about that incident till this date.

5 – Some of my worst [And very weird] nightmares consist off me walking out without Hijab, or somehow forgetting to wear it and I can’t do anything about. I have literally woken up with a cold sweat because of this. [Only other Women who cover would be able to empathise with this one.]

6 – I really really dislike Male doctors, dentists, and everything [Medical related profession] else.

And again, tag yourselves! [If you haven’t been already].


November 8, 2008 § 25 Comments

I was tagged by Karachiwali to do this:

The McCains own 13 cars, eight homes and have access to a corporate jet. If you were as insanely rich as them, where would your eight homes be and why?

The only rule is: The homes must be within the borders of the country you live in, so as to utterly emulate the McCains.

When you’re done, tag 8 people, so that they may join in the self-indulgence, forgetting about the crappy property market and the equivalent of The End of Pompeii on Wall-Street.

The only rule I won’t be following [Which is also the only rule :p] is that of limiting myself to one Country.

1 – Yemen – Sana’a

I love Yemen, in fact I am obsessed with this Country. The culture, the people, the language, the religious revival. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always wanted to go there. They have some of the top Ulema and religious Universities which specialise in Islam, Classical Arabic [Fus’ha] and other such arts. I naively asked my Dad if I could go there to study ilm for a year alone, Yemen isn’t so far from here and I’m in the region, but my Dad being the usual overly protective father didn’t think it was a ‘good idea’. I think I’d fit right in! Some of my favourite Islamic scholars are of Yemeni origin. I’d love one of my houses to be placed in the still preserved traditional housings. Yemen has some of the most beautiful historic architecture in the World.

Also check out these pictures: [For some reason I can’t upload them here]




2 – Pakistan – Azad Kashmir

I went for a tour of Pakistan in 2006 with my siblings by the urging of my Dad who thought we should see the Country once in ours lives properly, let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. We had the privelige of staying in Bhanjoosa, Azad Kashmir for three/four days, it was the most beautiful experience ever. I’d love to have a house in one of the valleys.

At night, there would be no electricity and there was actually no need for any electricity because it would get cool although it was in the middle of Summer. The Men there would do Jama’ah at the balcony of the highest house, and I can still remember till this day how the Imams voice echoed through-out the valley, without any electricity what so ever.

This is a picture we took, please don’t copy/use without permission:

[This was our view!]

3 – Scotland

Sometimes I wish I could be transferred to ancient Scotland. Scotland consisted of Castles, Horses, Ballards, Warriors and Princesses! [Okay, maybe I’m reading too many fictional Novels]. Anyway, Scotland today still retains some very beautiful places, not to mention I find the Scottish burr exceptionally funny and interesting. I had a Scottish friend once and I’d make her repeat some of the words because it sounded so cute. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google or youtube, ‘Scottish Burr/accent‘. Whenever she’d come back from visiting Scotland, her accent would become heavy again and we’d have a ball picking on her half british/scottish accent.

4 – United Arab Emirates – Fujairah

I already have a house in the Country, but I wouldn’t mind another one in Fujairah! Mountainous and a stark contrast to the some of the inner main cities, Fujairah still makes you feel like you’re in a traditional Arab Muslim Country. I’d love to have a house somewhere in the desert, [It won’t technically be a a house, more like a tent] living the ‘traditional’ way.

5 – Palestine – Jerusalem

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, ‘is she crazy? That place is War-torn!’ But I’d still love to live in the blessed land. The land where all three religions of God come together, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Palestinian struggle and history is etched in time and will not end until Allah wills it. Palestine is a Country where martyrdom is celebrated and where living everyday is a Jihad in and in of itself and where the beloved Al Aqsa Masjid lies.

6 – Afghanistan – Kabul

Afghanistan, the land where the ‘black flags of Khurasan will rise from‘, as the Propeht [sallalahu alayhiwasallam] has narrated in a Sahih Hadith. Afghani culture is rich, beautiful and interesting. The People fascinate me with their strength, war after war has invaded their Land, and yet they are still undefeated. I would love to be there, speak to their Women, live with their people. Find myself a little home in a cave. Khaled Hosseini also helped in making my imagination go wild in his books.

7 – Saudi Arabia – Medina

Who wouldn’t want to have a house in Medina? The city of the Prophet [Sallalahu alayhi wasallam]. InshaAllah one day!

8 – Morocco – Marrackech

Morocco is the Spain of the Arab World. It reeks of romanticism. [Not the love sort of romance, but romanticism as in art, culture, historic architecture and poetry]. For some reason I always parallel Moroccan with rich culture, hot tea and moments of laughter. I love, absolutely love the way the Women wear Hijab, it is so colourful and elegant. If I wasn’t living in a Khaleeji country where black is the norm, I would’ve indulged in some very beautiful colourful Hijabs, jillabiyas and Niqaabs! They have some exceptionally gorgeous dresses, next time my Moroccan friend goes there, I’m sending her a list.

I know I didn’t follow the rules, but oh well. 😛

[No tags, the people I would’ve tagged are already tagged.]

However, if you haven’t been tagged, please tag yourself and leave me a comment here!

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Things to do

November 6, 2008 § 11 Comments

Sometimes there are days where you’re bored and living a very simple life because you have nothing to do and you crave some sort of excitement. While at other times you have days where life becomes so hectic, you don’t even get a moment for yourself.

I’m going through the latter right now. I have such a busy schedule that it’s literally giving me a headache. I’m the sort of person who stresses over things months in advance, although this will probably make me grow older faster and come out with white hair, it is a habit I can’t distance myself from.

Khair, I thought I’d ease the burden a bit and blog about them.

I have to:

  1. study for my Qurán exam which is on this Monday. We finished half Juz and there is a tafseer/translation exam for it. Have I started studying? No!
  2. Buy myself sweatpants for Gym. [Going to the mall is a hassle, not to mention I don’t have time for it!]
  3. Get my driving classes sorted out. For which I would need to go this place; sometimes I wish I could just stay at home and sleep it all away. I really hope I get my license before this month end but I have a feeling they’re going to drag me a bit more.
  4. Write an article on ‘Divorce in the Muslim Ummah.’ I’ve been delaying this for more than 3 weeks. Thank-God this is on a voluntary basis and not a proper job, otherwise I’m sure the person organizing this would probably have fired me ages ago.
  5. Start Qurán memorisation. I’ve been delaying this for sometime, mainly because I couldn’t get someone to be a ‘teacher’ for me and listen to my memorization. But now I’m targeting my Sister and plan to make her listen to me at least once a week. The thing is, alhamdulilah, memorisation of the Qurán comes to me pretty easily since I was a kid and I feel this is a blessing from Allah that I should utilize and not waste. I know people who have an extremely hard time memorising Qurán, but I thnk due to my own laziness [And Satan], I kept on putting this off. Memorisation of the full Qurán isn’t part of the course I’m doing, the course concentrates more on going in-dept of the Qurán and the tafseer, so that you know whenever something is recited, what it originates from or what is the story behind it. The memorisation would be a person thing that I want to start.
  6. Find a [female] dentist and go to her. I’ve been having a constant toothache for a month and then it disappeared and now it’s back.

Well the above seem minuscule, but my schedule is so crazy, that it’s hard for me to get enough sleep. In fact I’ve cut down an hour from my afternoon nap and I love sleeping. But as we were learning in one of my classes yesterday, organisation is key if I want to finish the Qurán course in a year and a half time.

Organistation is key for everything. If you look at the Jews, who went from literally nothing, spending years in torment and humiliation to being some of the most professional and powerful people in the World today, you realise that one of the things that they did was organising themselves in such a manner that they structured themselves towards success. Their first initial University, which they bought in present day Palestine/Israel, had no holidays for a few years because they were so bent on rising up and making themselves come together as an Ummah. Anyway, Jewish history is very interesting, must read!

Heck, I think, if Women who have four kids [They spoke about their experiences in class], can do it, then so can I! [InshaAllah].


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