Anti-social much? :(

November 1, 2008 § 9 Comments

I don’t know if I am anti-social or not, well lets just say, I am to an extent. I wouldn’t label myself as an extreme anti-social person. I do enjoy the usual coffee/dinner/lunch nights out with friends. However, I don’t like new places or new people. They make me nervous and I have the tendency to go into hibernation. What this hibernation consists off is, not calling or getting in touch with friends and/or other people. Not checking e-mail or chattng with people. Or blogging. To add to it, I have two Msn Messenger lists, and one is populated with friends, family cousins and the other is just exclusively for family and the few special friends.

I haven’t logged into the populated one for ages. Sigh. I *do* use facebook, but even with that I have phases of speaking to everyone, writing on their walls and the next, disappearing completely.

Am I lazy for not keeping in touch with people? I had one bad incident of getting extremely busy and not keeping in touch with some of my very close friends. One of them sent me a text message after a few weeks, asking me if I remembered her. 😦 I called her, to find out she was really really ill, with fever and a bad throat. I felt really bad. Simply because, we’re really really close, she lives in my neighborhood and even our families know each other through the Masjid.

Someone I am volunteering for as a Writer, told me, that I live in a ‘bubble’ and that I should burst it, otherwise I won’t get anywhere. 😦 To top it all, I plan to pursue Journalism. 😐

Thoughts? Are you anti-social? Am I anti-social? Gah.


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