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November 6, 2008 § 11 Comments

Sometimes there are days where you’re bored and living a very simple life because you have nothing to do and you crave some sort of excitement. While at other times you have days where life becomes so hectic, you don’t even get a moment for yourself.

I’m going through the latter right now. I have such a busy schedule that it’s literally giving me a headache. I’m the sort of person who stresses over things months in advance, although this will probably make me grow older faster and come out with white hair, it is a habit I can’t distance myself from.

Khair, I thought I’d ease the burden a bit and blog about them.

I have to:

  1. study for my Qurán exam which is on this Monday. We finished half Juz and there is a tafseer/translation exam for it. Have I started studying? No!
  2. Buy myself sweatpants for Gym. [Going to the mall is a hassle, not to mention I don’t have time for it!]
  3. Get my driving classes sorted out. For which I would need to go this place; sometimes I wish I could just stay at home and sleep it all away. I really hope I get my license before this month end but I have a feeling they’re going to drag me a bit more.
  4. Write an article on ‘Divorce in the Muslim Ummah.’ I’ve been delaying this for more than 3 weeks. Thank-God this is on a voluntary basis and not a proper job, otherwise I’m sure the person organizing this would probably have fired me ages ago.
  5. Start Qurán memorisation. I’ve been delaying this for sometime, mainly because I couldn’t get someone to be a ‘teacher’ for me and listen to my memorization. But now I’m targeting my Sister and plan to make her listen to me at least once a week. The thing is, alhamdulilah, memorisation of the Qurán comes to me pretty easily since I was a kid and I feel this is a blessing from Allah that I should utilize and not waste. I know people who have an extremely hard time memorising Qurán, but I thnk due to my own laziness [And Satan], I kept on putting this off. Memorisation of the full Qurán isn’t part of the course I’m doing, the course concentrates more on going in-dept of the Qurán and the tafseer, so that you know whenever something is recited, what it originates from or what is the story behind it. The memorisation would be a person thing that I want to start.
  6. Find a [female] dentist and go to her. I’ve been having a constant toothache for a month and then it disappeared and now it’s back.

Well the above seem minuscule, but my schedule is so crazy, that it’s hard for me to get enough sleep. In fact I’ve cut down an hour from my afternoon nap and I love sleeping. But as we were learning in one of my classes yesterday, organisation is key if I want to finish the Qurán course in a year and a half time.

Organistation is key for everything. If you look at the Jews, who went from literally nothing, spending years in torment and humiliation to being some of the most professional and powerful people in the World today, you realise that one of the things that they did was organising themselves in such a manner that they structured themselves towards success. Their first initial University, which they bought in present day Palestine/Israel, had no holidays for a few years because they were so bent on rising up and making themselves come together as an Ummah. Anyway, Jewish history is very interesting, must read!

Heck, I think, if Women who have four kids [They spoke about their experiences in class], can do it, then so can I! [InshaAllah].



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§ 11 Responses to Things to do

  • farooqk says:

    lol im sure that women who’ve pushed out a quarter of a football team get tough from the experience, you really cant be expected to compete 😉

    I know a thing or two about the lack of sleep, (well, way more than a thing or two! Matter of fact, im thinking ill write a post on sleep… :D) so i can feel your pain! 😛

  • farooqk says:

    and i didnt know you were aspiring to look like arnold schwarzheneger… 😀

  • farooqk says:

    your blog ate one of my comments! :S

  • farooqk says:

    oh no, it didnt 😀

  • I should actually have more time then they because they have about four kids to look after, no make that five [the husband included] and they still manage to study everyday. I guess you’re right to an extent, they probably have a lot of experience multi-tasking. Where there is a will, there is a way! [But honestly, some of the stories I heard, from staying up since 5 till late night, MashaAllah].

    I know far too much about lack of sleep. When I would have my exams and I’d end up pulling all-nighters sometimes, I’d console myself with that I’d get time to sleep after I finished my exams. lol.

    … annnnnd Women just don’t go to the gym to look like Arnold schwarzheneger!! In fact, you don’t look like Arnold Schawrz, until you like pump yourself with steroids or something. [Well the female version anyway]

  • Saadat says:

    Um, can I have a copy of that article (“Divorce in the Muslim Ummah”) when you finish it?

    And no holidays?! Like, seriously? *blinks* I am glad I wasn’t born in that period as a Jew.

  • Arite, I’ll send it over when I’m done with it inshaAllah. ://

    Yep, I don’t know about the current situation, but then they had absolutely no holidays. Crazy, eh?

  • An ILLuS|On says:

    Start planning things..make a schedule & make deadlines.
    Use your pre-deadline tensions in a positive manner & get things done.
    Atleast this is the way i’ve been able to meet my deadlines *not all of em but yeah majority of them for sure*
    I’m sure it will work wonders for you: )

  • I hope it does :\ I’m so behind schedule that its not even funny. I just need to snap out of my laziness and stop doing things last minute. thanks for the advice 🙂

  • Minerva says:

    Have you heard of Hiba Magazine? If not, you should be writing for it. If yes, then yay. They definitely need people like you!

  • lol I have actually. But the thing is, i went on their site, and it says you have to be a Pakistani living in Pakistan, and I dont qualify as that to submit in my stuff. But, I’ve been through some of their stuff, it’s pretty cool! Actually, I had someone wanting to sell their copies here.

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