On a Cold Winters Night

November 19, 2008 § 4 Comments

She sits in solitude on a Cold Winters Night. Beauty; that is what a Cold Winters night is. Magical, mysterious, ethereal. And solitude? There is beauty in that also, a sense of well being, a moment of contemplation. A moment of your own. She sits there, embracing the night. It is hers. In her heart there is a sense of well-being. She is content. An inner peace surrounds her, encompassing her, lifting her. She smiles, she knows why that inner peace is there. But she fears loosing it and she knows it can be lost, just like that. She must keep on making the sacrifices to keep the inner peace in her heart. If it leaves her, all would be lost.

She sits there in the Cold Winters Night, contemplating. Longing, wanting, hopeful.

She longs for it to never end, this Cold Winters Night.


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