Eid Mubarak!

December 9, 2008 § 8 Comments

Wishing you all a [belated] Eid mubarak. [Although it is still technically Eid.]

Eid in Karachi is always… eventful. Had a good time alhamdulilah, meeting the Cousins, the Aunties, the Uncles  and the whole lot. I only regretted not wearing the ‘new jora’ that my tailor didn’t stitch for a little while. But it was okay, I wore something I’d worn on a Cousins Mehendi.

The last thing I expected to go was the electricity. I know light tends to go quite often in Karachi, but i thought they would be more considerate of people [Especially the females dressing up! 😛 ] considering its Eid. But thanks to the UPS and generators, we didn’t suffer much.

The family get-together ended with bowls of sheer korma and a cousins’ round around Mohd Ali.

We had plans to to go for the halwa poori nashta I keep on mentioning on my blog today and then go watch err… Camels get cut somewhere near Tariq road but my ‘awara gurd’ cousins, who like to stay up till 5 in the morning did not wake up.  Will probably go tomorrow.

Everyone is telling me to delay my flight till at least the 25th of December, now I’m tempted too. But I’ve got so many issues to deal with back home it seems impossible for me to say. Sigh, lets see.

[ON & KW, if you’re reading this, I know I haven’t gotten in touch with you girls yet, give me a few days inshaAllah! :P]


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