Khao, Beta, Khao!

December 18, 2008 § 16 Comments

So I went to my fourth dawat yesterday. I know I should be happy, dawaats are supposed to be fun right? But they aren’t. Especially when they happen one after the other and all of them have the same old procedure. And especially when they happen 5-6 times, consecutively.

So the one I went to yesterday contained a particular Uncle who insisted I eat. And no, not just once. He did it about 10-15 times. To the point where I was thinking I’m going to have a nightmare which would include, ‘Khao, beta, khao!’.

I love food, and I love the process of making it and eating it. However, this time, I was actually tired of chewing the naan and the Kebab the Uncle kept on putting on my plate. As it is, it’s not like I need anymore extra flab on me.

It ended with him pushing a bowl of kulfi infront of me, of which I just had a few bites to please him. And all the while I was eating, I kept on thinking that either I was going to throw up tonight or have an awful stomach-ache.

Khair, I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and another dawat, which I’m going to wriggle out of. There is no way I’m going through another one to suffer.

The food is good, it’s just that my stomach is a stomach and not a house.

Anyway, I finally met up with ON/Falsa – another EX-blogger [Who I’m trying to get blogging again].  Who blogs at:-

I went to her place and we had a lot of fun, alhamdulilah.  Staying true to my blog, I wore purple! [Okay – that happened without thinking. I should’ve worn Purple to the blogger meet. ]  We had chai sitting on the swing in her verandah overlooking the garden being drenched with rain where we talked non-stop. It was very comforting, if not peaceful. I’ve talked so much that my throat is now hoarse from talking.

We went through the usual girl talk, discussing ‘issues’. Apparently, we’re very similar. We both love travelling, food and we came to the conclusion that we’re a weird mixture of religious and crazy. 😛 I gave in to temptation for a minute and stood in the rain. But that was it. Although I’m going to give in i’m sure again when it rains and for much longer. Cold/Cough be damned!

Her Mom is a sweet-heart 😛 She made sure ON was the proper host and that I had the haleem, Sandwhiches, Samosas, Chai and gajar ka halwa, which were all really good. [And no, this wasn’t like the Uncle story above – lol]. I’m hoping I can meet her again for lunch once before I leave inshaAllah.

PS: I’m loving the rain in Karachi! It was raining really heavily back home and I was regretting not being there  because of the weather, but now I’m happy.


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§ 16 Responses to Khao, Beta, Khao!

  • SAWJ says:

    If it were me, I would’ve stuffed myself with the Qulfi! 😀

    Where are you from waise?

  • SAWJ says:

    Have your read the Allah’s age and Shirk posts on my blog? 😀 If not, you might find them interesting… 😉

  • Haha, I’m sure most guys would’ve.

    I’m Pakistani. 😛 I was born and live somewhere else though. I’m here for vacation. Where did you think?

    Lol, to be honest, I was following the shirk post. And I posted a comment when KW did a related post to it on her blog. [Either it was the shirk on or the time one – one of the two].

  • SAWJ says:

    So how was it? And do try the Allah’s age post. I want to know what you think. It’s currently at the bottom of the main page.

    And I know you’re a Pakistani but which country do you live in and why? 😀

  • ‘Interesting’ would be an apt word. 😛 [I’ll play it safe]. I’ll post an input on the other one once I read it.

    Oh the curiousity! [It kills the cat by the way :P]. I’ll tell you the name on FB, I try and keep a level on anonymity on the blog. And uh, I live there because I guess my Parents decided to shift there long time back, so when my Mother gave birth to me I was born there, and therefore, I still live there.

  • karachiwali says:

    can i give a hint here purple? 😛
    as for qulfi, i cant resist it even if im completely full. god, mera kya ho ga…im just such a huge fan of meetha

  • Falsa says:

    Haha purple, you’ve embarassed me enough. With all the details, like what’s in the menu…haha. But I’m glad you had fun, I did too. What about the lunch?

  • lol, KW, he already knows. I told him on FB.

    I’m not that much of a fan of Qulfi, I like it though. Especially in the summer, but apparently, Pakistani mithai doesn’t suit my stomach. 😦 And you’re fine, no need to worry.

    Falso: 😛 Not enough!! haha, kidding. Alhamdulilah, I’m glad you did too. We’re on for tomorrow inshaAllah, if things fall into place. 🙂 Glad you’re blogging again.

  • SAWJ says:

    Qulfi is the main course of the meal for me!

  • karachiwali says:

    same here….i wouldnt mind qulfi as the main course

  • SAWJ says:

    I would mind if it’s not the main course.

  • we have some qulfi addicts here!! 😛 Next time we have a blogger meet, you guys should go to a qulfi stall instead of a restaurant.

    I love [home-made] sheer korma though. Yumm.

  • utp says:

    oh boy…reminds me of the DAWATS after marriage….CRAZY!!! KHAO BETA KHAO!!! hated those 3 words for many months after shadi…

  • haha, i’m not surprised 😛

    And they just keep on piling up the food on your plates right?

  • SAWJ says:

    Sheer khurma bhai, not qorma. 😛 And qulfi stall is a good idea. Actually any kind of ice cream will do.

  • same thing!! Ice-cream in Pakistan is fake though, especially the tehla wala ice-creams, im sure they add dirty water to it, i always end up throwing up aftwerwards! 😦 [And I’m a ice-cream fan].

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