Gaza Needs Your Voice

December 30, 2008 § 29 Comments

[I told myself I would keep political/religious issues out of this blog – but I couldn’t help myself.]

And Israel strikes again. But, what can we expect? The Jews have a history of indiscriminate killing. As we saw the massacre in Beit Hannoun, this time, its Gaza. Again. They put up another blockade, literally choking the life out of Gaza as people died out of deprivation of basic necessities. And now its bombing, randomly, all over Gaza. 300 dead and the death toll is rising.

This is sickening. Innil lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioun. Ever human with a concious should protest this. Muslims because these are our Brothers’ and Sisters’ and secondly, Palestine is the holy land and Non-Muslims because of the absolute inhumane acts conducted here. We should help them with not only by protesting, by by actually doing something. Sending goods and money to charitable organizations operating there is one step. And we should help them with our wealth and our strength – not only them, but all those suffering around the World.

The Prophet SAWS said that the Muslim Ummah is like one body, when one feels pain or suffers, the whole body feels it too.


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§ 29 Responses to Gaza Needs Your Voice

  • karachiwali says:

    i would really like to help…but i basically dont know how. i feel really helpless

  • farooqk says:

    this will never stop, cause nobody’s ever gonna do anything substantial enough about it…

  • KW; I know, i feel the same way. Although, alhamdulilah I’ve found someone whos sending charity over there, so lets see if I can do something more.

    But the thing is, you can make dua inshallah for them and spread awareness about the situation there. Allah knows our intention.

    Farooq: Sigh. I guess you are right to an extent. But inshallah, I hope, there is an uprising within the Muslim Ummah and we can defeat our enemies. Wa Allahu aalam.

  • UTP says:

    its so sad..its pathetic…

  • noman amin says:


    so called sunni Karachiwali bashes Sahabas,Khulfai Rashideen

    Please refrain believing her distorted sunni beliefs on her website and guide her so that she does not ruin her Akhirat

  • noman amin says:


    so called sunni karachiwali bashes Sahabas,Khulfai Rashideen and the Prophet on SAWJ blog.

    please refrain believing her distorted Islamic belief and guide her so that she does not ruin her Akhirat.

  • karachiwali says:

    @ noman
    wen did i bash khulfa-e-rashideen and the Prophet (SAW)!? i think you need to get your head straightened out and start reading with your eyes and mind open. what is said are hard facts about muawiyah and yazid which are easily found in a lot of history books. you should anyway yourself refrain from going off-topic

  • noman amin says:

    let the readers read themselves and figure them out. You are already exposed on other blog by doubting Khulfai rashideen. Osman is one of them and you complained why Usman became 3rd Caliph. You preached shiaism in disguise of Sunni-ism. Do not forget one day you will be answerable to Allah to degrade Sahabas and Rasool.

    wearing Hijab will not give you a ticket of Jannah. Hope you learn it someday

  • noman amin says:

    All are your so called hard facts are based on Shia sources. You failed to provide any reference. u think u r smart but u r quite dumb that you think no one can cross check the stuff you preached over there.

    i know its off topic but i wanted to let your blog readers know what actually are you doing. i hope you can realize that you are gettin doomed

  • SAWJ says:

    Oh, I’m sorry Noman, I didn’t know you were responsible for letting people into Jannat and Jahannum!

    u think u r smart but u r quite dumb that you think no one can cross check the stuff you preached over there.

    Do cross check the stuff I’ll post for you. You’ll have a lot of fun doing it. And we’ll see who the dumb one really is.

    You are ready to accept that Muawiyah (L.A.) can go to heaven even after his treacherous and cowardly acts of killing members of the Prophet’s household, yet Karachiwali can’t go because she disagrees with you. You need to see a psychologist man.

    She never said anything about any of the Khulafa, you just want to pull things out of her mouth. How do we know you are not a Israeli Jew in disguise trying to create a rift between friends here?

  • SAWJ says:

    And try cross-checking in books also. If google returns Shia websites at the top, it does not mean that they are the only sources. It only means they have good Search Engine Optimization and a good Google PageRank.

  • farooqk says:


    working for a saudi company i get to see a whole bunch of crazy fundoos everyday. People wholl lie and cheat and deceive but they think they’re pious cause theyve grown a beard and pray regularly. They make their own women wear abayas and burqas but they ogle at every female they see themselves. They preach religion but dont really know what it is. And theyre close minded as hell. Noman is obviously one of those people πŸ˜€

  • noman amin says:

    farooqk, karahciwali is a woman hence you have to talk in her favor anyway πŸ˜‰

    let others decide what she preaches. πŸ˜‰

  • noman amin says:

    sawj yes i am a jew who knows the difference between shia and sunni sects and their background. πŸ˜‰

  • Hira S says:

    I’m disappointed in you guys…why give him the importance of even replying?

    I dunno purple, it’s a difficult situation. The muslims have not handled it well…and when you read the history of the conflict you can’t help feeling things would be different had the Palestinians made the right decisions, and instead of retaliation to the aggression used diplomatic (and sympathy gathering) tactics.
    We’re a weak, technologically backward and pleasure loving ummah. The Jews have spent the last 500 years building a strong political and financial backbone. The Ummah should stop crying at every wound and start trying to bandage it up itself.

  • SAWJ says:

    @Noman: You don’t know crap, dear! πŸ˜‰ Explain to me the origin of the sects, what they were called initially and when there names changed to what they are today. But not here, on my blog. Then we’ll see how much you know.

  • I wake up… check my e-mail and here…

    What the hell happened here??

    Will reply to everyone later.

  • karachiwali says:

    can we please stop this now!
    SAWJ and noman can have this debate on SAWJ’s blog, please not here on purple’s blog!

  • I’ve decided to write a post on this. Will do it soon inshaAllah. And please, stick to the topic, this is about Gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people. Not Shii’tes and Sunnis.

    Hira: To an extent I agree. Yes, Jews have come-up in a lot of ways, [financially, educationally, religiously, etc] and are now a force to be reckoned with although they are a minority.

    As for the response by Palestine, I actually don’t blame them. They are fighting with *stones* and small guns. Gaza is a massacre through and through. They were blockaded, and no aid was/is being let through. They are openly killing innocents.

    Where I think we’re gone wrong with the Palestinian issue is the lack of support from the Muslim Ummah [IE : US] Sure, we support them with our words and our protests but that is where it stops.

    Our leaders are silent. They are cowardly and can only think of pleasing themselves and brining in more money to their economy. They’re scared of the West when they should be fearing Allah SWT.

    Sigh. And I definetely agree with the weak and cowardly bit. We need to bring ourselves up as an Ummah, both religiously, education-wise and financially to counter the oppression.

  • Farooq: As my Mom would sai, ‘tameez to cho kai bhi nahi guzri’ :S

  • Afaque says:

    Oh the world is getting stranger and crueler… logic and morality has gone too far of the humanity.. 😦

  • PurpleDrifter says:

    Afaque: Agreed. Sad world we live in.

  • farooqk says:


    your mom says that to you? u appeared quite tameezdaar to me, magar khair, im sure your mom knows better! πŸ˜›

  • PurpleDrifter says:

    lol, no, she says it to my Brother sometimes when he does something like that.

  • noman amin says:

    purpledrif i am sorry for offtopic intention was to let others know so that someone can guide her.Calling those men hypocrites who were prayed by prophet in recorded hadiths is like screwing iman. She did that. she said prophet did not train sahabas thts why conflict started right after His(SAW) death[godforbid]. Can we Muslims think like that. these were her words on other blog

    “As for training, you obviously know things started going wrong right after the death of the Prophet (SAW). Can you deny the conflicts? Did the Prophet (SAW) train the companions to have a conflict”

    Dont we all know who were present after death of Prophet? All four caliphs were alive and others. Many of them were part of “Ashra Mubahsira” who were granted basharat of Jannah in their lives. Still she lies that she did not abuse The prophet ad khulfai rashideen? I think its more due to ignorance about the things rather deliberate attempt plus she concluded everything by reading one sided source because she thinks she is smarter than everyone.

    Lets even assume those guys were not good. Now only those can commment about them who are not hypocrites. A thief doesnt sound good when he abuses other thief.

    Does karachiwali claim that she never lied ,broke promise and remained dishonest in her life?did she claim she is more pious than others who she wants to condemn? she should ask herself what she is in real. Whether she is right candidate to condemn sahabas? She has to face Allah one day. Allah knows what she is and what she has done in her life. We are not more sacred than others. we cant condemn others.

    Please sister help her and guide her and save her from shia influence. May Allah guide her and others. Ameen

  • Noman,

    Brother, JazakumAllahu Khairan for you concern and worry and I’m sure you mean well.

    Although I know SAWJ posted a post concerning this, I honestly haven’t read any of the comments or commented myself because I choose to – most of the time – stay of out conflicts which arise between Sunni & Shi’ites – so I can’t *really* comment on this. But I guess I’ll need to read this one. πŸ™‚

    I know KarachiWali personally, and I know she isn’t the sort of person to intentionally slander the Sahaba radiallahuanhum or the Khulafa Ar-rashideen.

    Khair, in all cases, I shall inshaAllah post a post specifically on this soon concerning some of the stuff.

  • noman amin says:

    Jazak Allah for nice response.

    If you know her personally then I would recommend you to talk her off the site rather than here as it would be much better for her. I am not asking you to make a post while you don’t like to get involved in such conflicts. May Allah give you success.Ameen

  • Afaque says:

    Oh God! I commented on this post earlier with out reading the comments… now when I came back today, I have read the whole fuss here…
    THIS is the very reason of all the conflicts between Shi’ites and Suni’ites in Pakistan. Why the hell one tries to probe in to other’s views and beliefs? I just don’t get it. Khud he Islam ke thekaydar bunenay ke bajaye apni zindagee ko islam ke mutabiq guzar lein yehee kafee hay…
    [i know after this comment I would be labeled as Shi’ite or may be Zionist or may be a non-believer at all]…. God this nations needs a thorough brain-wash.

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