Being Whiny

February 5, 2009 § 22 Comments

Sometimes I can be very difficult to actually live with. I know, I know, the usual image about me is the ‘Sweet, quiet, caring, patient person’ [Gah!] – however I can turn quite into the opposite at times.

I’ve been doing nothing but whining and sulking the whole day. I could be accused of inviting sympathy, but who cares. I’m feeling absolutely indolent.

– I failed my second road test today. Why? All because my parking was slightly crooked. I expected to pass. I drove absolutely perfectly. I don’t know why the stupid  Woman had to fail me because of being slightly crooked. Gah!

I would’ve had it if I’d applied early and not been lazy about it. But me, being me, was lazy and dependent on the fact that we had a driver. And when he left I became dependent on people to drop and pick which absolutely sucks. Also, I’ve discovered this weird obsession with fast cars since I learned how to drive which I shall not mention to my parents. I never realised speed could feel so good at times. However, I’m going to keep the image of being a slow and steady female driver.

– My head hurts. My toothache is back and it’s killing me. It can’t be a nice little toothache and stick to to my tooth, it needs to spread to my head and make my ear burn. On top, my antibiotic course finished and I’m out of the painkillers and so I have to resort to taking Pandols. Which don’t even seem to work compared to what I was taking before. God, where would I be without painkillers? I’ve been literally living on painkillers.

I should stop being a wimp & simply get them extracted. After all, they’re my wisdom teeth! [Which have an infection] and they are of no use anyway.

-Other then that, I’ve been wasting something precious. And that’s time. I’ve been doing nothing but sitting in bed and reading, not caring about anything. I finished a fat novel yesterday [A Vampire novel] to be precise in four hours and I’m on the third book of that trioligy today. I could be doing so many other productive things.

In conclusion, I’m being a stupid whiny person. I know. But this is my blog.

I’m upset at myself for having the tendency to get absolutely retarded like this. When I know how wrong it is and how I could use the time in a much better way.


§ 22 Responses to Being Whiny

  • Absar says:

    Lol! I so know what you mean (the first part of your post)! The only difference is that though I’m usually a little whiny, when things are off-beat, I turn into this whacky, out-of-control guy and end up doing posts like I’m doing these days on my blog 😛

  • Join the club 😉

    Sigh. I’m not usually like this. But when I do get like this, I turn into… a disgusting seclusive … something.

  • SAWJ says:

    We are all retarded!

  • farooqk says:

    you should take a pair of pliers and pull out your toe nail, the headache and toothache will vanish instantly! Guaranteed! 😛

    you shoulda waited for her to get and drive right into her! it wouldnt be your fault cause you dont know how to drive… 😉

    its good to be crazy sometimes 😀

  • Hira S. says:

    First things first: which vampire novel? Do not tell me it’s the third installment of the twilight series for i shall disown you as a friend. Is it the Lestat books? Or…hmmm…lemme think…
    And it’s ok. Whiny is fun 😀

  • karachiwali says:

    the novels should help…we all waste time and it actually helps to be able to function better. dont worry, u should be back on track real soon 🙂

  • An ILLuS|On says:

    awwww its perfectly alright to be whiny & retarded for a change..just relax it’ll be ok.
    talking about failing the driving license well its for your own good..if they’d let you off the hook right now who knows in what trouble you might get into just coz of minor work on this minor mistake of yours & insha’Allah you’d get your license soon.
    take care & get well soon..chin up: )

  • Haha, thank-you guys. Knowing I’m not the only retarded one makes me feel better… [Or not :P]

    Farooq: Err, your advice was appreciated, but I think I’ll pass. 😛

    Hira: I’m going to stay quiet… 😳 Ohh I’ve already read Lestat novels. In fact, at one point I had quite the collection of Anne Rice but then it got a tadbit too gruesome for my taste. And I stopped liking her.

  • KW: When I come down to it… i waste quite a bit! 😛

    I’m hoping i do, inshaAllah.

    An Illusion: Thank you for the support. Haha, thats exactly what quite a few people said. And well… It was okay the first time but second time he i did good. But khair, whatever happens, happens for the best. 🙂

  • farooqk says:


    you always ignore my most beneficial advice! 😛

  • Ummi says:

    salam guyz!

    sorry for being off-topic(once again) but just wanted to share a message which my friend set on his facebook status.

    Isn’t it ironic? we ignore those who adore us. adore those who ignore us. love those who hurt us, and hurt those who love us.

    What do you guys say about it?if you want to say….

  • karachiwali says:

    @ Ummi
    true…we are unsatisfied creatures by design: we want wat we dont have and dont want wat we have. we just need to learn to be grateful for wat we have

  • Ummi says:

    @Karachi: true but what about those things which God blesses us we push away ourselves and later blame others or fate? what do you or anyone else says about it?

  • Leena S. says:

    @ Ummi
    i dont blame anything on fate. it is always our own mistakes. Allah always gives us 2-3 options for everything, we choose the wrong thing for ourselves.
    btw, do u blog?

  • Ummi says:

    thanks for answering. So have you come across the situation which you mentioned above?

    No I do not blog neither I have time. My life and family keep me busy enough. Don’t you think blogging is kind of activity performed by those who have no activity in real life?

    between why did you ask?

  • Ummi says:

    agar blogging ki tu aap k tarha mey bhe peace na hona k shikayat karnay paray gi. 🙂

  • Leena S. says:

    oh so u think we bloggers dont have a day job? or we dont have families?

  • Ummi says:

    no. What I meant that blogging requires dedicated time which I don’t have at time. I think I am not a good writer at all. No one will read me. I don’t know what talent you found in me that you asked about blogging. 🙂

    Yes , there are people who take blogging more serious than life. Internet is filled with such stories.

  • Ummi says:

    i think you take blogging very seriously as if Internet world is more important than real life. You write lengthy posts which need enough time to be read plus you were worried that people here misjudge you.

    This is just an assumption based on few comments you made here and it could be wrong.

  • Ummi says:

    @Karachi: I read your blog. I was just kidding and you are taking a break? 🙂

    Now spend some time in bugging your fiance 🙂 I wonder you are in a relationship yet you get time for blogging. I am just wondering!

  • Errr… you CAN be in a relationship and still have time to blog. [Not that I speak from experience, but your spouse doesn’t take up your life].

    KW isn’t married yet.

    And besides, I know a lot of Mothers/Married Women who blog.

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