Dentist Horror

February 12, 2009 § 8 Comments

Who could’ve thought going to a dentist could bring you to tears?

Well, apparently it did in my case. I just got my tooth pulled out and I cried like a baby throughout the whole process. I haven’t cried in a long time and I don’t know why I am admitting it here because its so humiliating.

I think big injections still scare me. And I’d been thinking about the whole ordeal for past two days so when I time finally came and she started poking at my ultra sensitive and highly painful tooth, I first cringed & then started… crying.

I’m glad there weren’t a lot of people there to witness this. I hate dentists. With a new fervor. And it’s absolutely brutal how they scrape and poke at your tooth to take it out.


On top, I have a party to attend on Saturday which I’m hope I’m okay to go too. [And not look like a swollen monster]. This is something I’ve been looking forward to because its all girls, involves some of my closest friends and give me a chance to dress up without caring about Hijab.


§ 8 Responses to Dentist Horror

  • Leena S. says:

    oh crying aint humiliating at all…you will insha Allah be all fine by Saturday 🙂

  • InshaAllah! I hope so too…

  • gh says:

    It certainly hurts. What were the dentist’s remarks?

  • Ummi says:

    how old are you? 75? 🙂

  • Dentists are born Sadists! The only reason I went to mine all happy was because it was a she (Yes people I m calling dentists it! The are not human!!!) and she was HOT! Little did I know that she could bring a whirl of pain and agony!

    And I would ask the same question as Ummi! How old are you? 80?! But then, How old is the damn cat?!!!

    Mind you I only went to a dentists in the first place because of an injury.

  • GH: She said I was being a wimp for crying. lol.

    Well.. she put it in much nicer words though.

    Ummi: Somewhere there.. 😛 I guess it’s just I didn’t expect myself to break down into tears like that. I thought I had more ability to endure pain.

    Safi: Telll meee about it! 😦 I have to make another trip next month and I am SO not looking forward to it.

    And oh, I thought she would be the least bit affected, but she went back right to flipping through her magazine after she was done with me… as if she just hadn’t put me through torture.

    The damn cat doesn’t really age as we do. 😛

  • farooqk says:

    lol i loved it when they had a tooth of mine pulled out. Its so much fun when they stick that screwdriver-like injection into your gums 😀

  • Farooq: Ew man! you have masochistic tendencies…

    I was freaking out when I saw the injections. They’re huge. :S

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