Peapod Car

April 23, 2009 § 24 Comments

I want this! It’s ubberly cute. Who wants to send me a gift? 😉

Peopod Car

Somethings are just too cute. Sigh.



April 18, 2009 § 29 Comments

I had a ceremony a couple of days ago at my institute – marking the end of the completion of the 10 Juz of the Holy Qur’an and my 1st term. Can’t believe I’ve gotten so far in the past few months – alhamdulilah. I can only hope that Allah azza wa jal gives me the strength and tawfique to finish the one and a half year course which would include the whole Qur’an.

But it just doesn’t end there. Learning ilm comes with a responsiblity attached to it. That of spreading and teaching others. And that is which scares me the most. I’ve already gotten offers from different people to teach them – but its the Qur’an. And I’m nervous. Simply because these are Allahs words and you have to give them their right whilst teaching others. Otherwise even for that you get accounted for.

When Allah blesses you with treasure of the knowledge and understanding of the Qur’an and ilm – then if you don’t take it and throw it away – it is as if you are throwing away all the treasures of the World. And I’m also scared of this, of not being able to do my part and not being able to treat this treasure as I should.

In the Qur’an in different places, Allah azza wa Jal’ has given different examples regarding different people. There are not a lot of examples in the Qur’an and that which exist are very powerful and are usually trying to draw an eye to something very important.

One such example is of those who are blessed with ilm and then they turn away from it:

If it had been Our will, We should have elevated him with Our signs; but he inclined to the earth, and followed his own vain desires. His similitude is that of a dog: if you attack him, he lolls out his tongue, or if you leave him alone, he (st ill) lolls out his tongue. That is the similitude of those who reject Our signs; So relate the story; perchance they may reflect.

Surat Al-Araf – 176

May Allah make us steadfast on his deen and on this path. Ameen.

How to Avoid

April 11, 2009 § 27 Comments

If you’re one of those people who are holding off getting hitched for whatever reason and your Parents are putting on the pressure whilst the Aunties are attacking you without any mercy and random proposals from random people who you don’t even know existed – I have the solution!


Who said there weren’t advantages of growing fat? Mwahahha! 😉








[Okay I’m kidding…. I don’t think I’d have the strenght to go through with the whole plan because Women are vain and care too much about how they look.]

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