Red & Nails

July 5, 2009 § 23 Comments

Is red nailpolish too outrageous…?

Actually, lets phrase it this way,

‘Is Red nailpolish too outrageous for a Niqaabi?’


I’ll probably be taking it off anyway before I go out, I don’t know why I get these urges sometimes.

[My only other option would be to wear gloves…]


§ 23 Responses to Red & Nails

  • farooqk says:

    lol!! has anyone ever told you that youre crazy? 😛

    red is cool though, niqaabi or not!

  • farooqk says:

    why are all my comments on all the blogs im posting on disappearing??? 😦

  • Frankly I hate nail polish of any kind… and I hate big nails too.

  • Absar says:

    You get urges a lot. Abhi abhi you had an urge to delete this blog? 😉

    Well, excuse me, but I think red nail-paint is… okay.. what’s a euphemism for sexy? Whatever it is, that’s what it is! But you need hands to go with it too! All hands can’t pull off red! 😛

  • Purpledrifter says:

    I took it off. Yeah so I chickened out, but i came across this fatawa:

    2. Nail polish is an ornament. Therefore, like all other ornaments, it cannot be worn in public in the presence of the opposite sex (men). A woman can only have it in front of her husband, children, and all other women or men who are her mahrams (those she can never marry, like her father, uncle, etc.). If a woman really wants to put nail polish and go out, then she should cover her hands with gloves.” [Source:]

    Yeah so… and considering Im going to be going to meetings where the majority are Men, I don’t want to uh lets say, cause unneeded sins to fall on my head.

    And red just screams attention… Not to mention considering I usually wear Black, and the only thing that actually does show are my hands, it’ll just be more prominent.

    Oh well. Sigh. :S

    Why do Men cause such problems?? [kidddinggg]

  • farooqk says:

    can you come on msn whenever, i gotta talk to you :S

  • AD says:

    absolutely yummy!

    red nail polish i mean :$

  • qα says:

    Yellow and neon green is crazier.
    Go for red. It’s HOT.


  • Leena S. says:

    red looks awesome..niqabi or not! go for it 🙂

  • Specs says:

    I would never wear it because I wear a head scarf for the ‘zeenat chupana’ factor so I don’t see the point in putting on attractive nail polish. But that said, I wouldn’t judge anyone if I saw that. Depends on how comfortable you feel with it or how loud it looks. It looks HORRIBLY LOUD on my hands so I avoid it. 😀

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