Stupidity 101

July 15, 2009 § 16 Comments

Life is interesting to say the least. We go through ups and downs. Then we go through phases of our lives which are hectic and fast and then we go through phases which are slow and boring. Through out them all we complain.

So apparently Niqaabis are facing a lot of opposition these days. Especially in places like France. I can never understand what peoples problem is with the face-veil. Live and let live. As long as no one is forcing you to cover your face, leave those who do alone. And please, don’t speak or think for them because you can never be in their place unless you adopt and feel what they do.

I know its going to be hard, but inshaAllah this Ramadan, I’m hoping I have the guts and strength to start doing Niqaab even infront of my cousins/brother-in-law. So far, I was on a ‘relative Munaqabah’ – ie – I didn’t cover my face infront of my relatives [Male]. But like they say, everything needs to be done steadily and I feel now is the right time. I’m hoping I have the strength to keep steadfast on this, especially when I visit Pakiland because Aunties would probably eat me up alive.

I honestly think I might have a serious marriage phobia. My friend, [who likes to try her hand at matchmaking quiet often, sigh] mentioned this guy I should consider because hes practicing, is actually more than okay about the Niqaab and might be someone I just maybe compatible with.

And I gave him an outright rejection without even asking anything about him.

Why? I honestly don’t know. When marriage is brought up in reference to me it just. makes. me. suffocate.

Oh besides, I still have genuine reasons… I need to finish my University education first. And I’m still a baby at heart. Ta Da! So there…

[God forbid my Parents find out all the people I’ve been rejecting and make sure they never meet :oops:].

And secondly, I’m really upset myself for running TWO blogs, not updating both and not having written anything worthwhile in quiet sometime.

Life iz de stupidz sometimez.


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§ 16 Responses to Stupidity 101

  • farooqk says:

    your genuine reasons are about as genuine as a chinese i-pod! but you already know that! 😛

  • farooqk says:

    oh blease!! they are so not valid!!

  • farooqk says:

    oh please, you could go to saudi land and work for the mutawwa anytime you want!! u dont need a degree, and youre thinking divorce before marriage, im sure youre not that difficult to put up with!! muahaha

  • Sophia Ali says:

    Well written PurpleDrifter,

    I feel the whole world including the media is quite biased when it comes to Islam forget Hijaab in particular. They feel a woman wearing a Hijaab is shallow is their thinking….Oh! and people from all walks to life/religion feel its their birth right to write an article about it…Insha Allah, some day, when it comes from within, I will start wearing one, not because I’m being forced.

    And yes, do finish off your education before plunging into matrimony…May you have a successful married life, but nothing in life comes with a guarantee…

    All the best.

  • Leena S. says:

    although i didnt want to talk about this since i am getting married only two months later but i think i know wat u are going through. i have had a really bad commitment phobia and u should be grateful to Allah that u havent been in a relationship cuz the way mine ended only made my phobia worse. finally deciding to get married was a difficult decision and altho i wouldnt say that i am not nervous at all, i think i should have gotten married earlier, for several reasons, most important being that i wouldnt have been so financially independent. with age and financial independence, one becomes more rigid and it becomes more difficult to compromise on several things, i know it wouldnt be as easy for me to compromise as it would have been wen i was 22 perhaps.
    as for education, dont get married until u are at least done with ur bachelors, after that, dont delay it cuz there’s no end to education. I am done with my masters and aiming to study further….and i know i will insha Allah after my marriage.
    so, good luck 🙂 i know u wouldnt worry so much once u meet the right person, yeh sab bahaney bas usi waqt tak key hain 🙂

  • I m with you on this…. Dont get married AT ALL and make something more out of your life than raising kids and seeing off your dear damned hubby to a 9 to 5 job!

    Is nt it about time somebody did something really crazy and really wonderful?!

    Khair thats me being dramatic…. But my point is, dont get married unless you are absolutely sure, and to hell with what the world says! Apna ulloo seedha rakho!

  • Ummi says:

    Marraige has no relation with education. If your husband is sensible enough than he will allow you to fulfill your dreams. My WIfe completed her education after marraige. Anyway good luck!

    speking of hijab and france, you would have read about how a preganant hijabi was killed in Germany just because the german didnt like her Hijab.

    We cry for flogging. Now no NGO is whining about the woman who was killed just for Hijab

  • falsa says:

    Purple I tag you. Check my blog and yeah, I forgot how to link. I’m going crazy. Your reasons are valid. You ARE a baby at heart jaani, don’t until you’re sure. 🙂 So when are you flying down anyway? I am not coming this year. It sucks. 😦

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