July 24, 2009 § 13 Comments

I need a break. A major one. Life can just drag you into its midst and its so easy to let go and forget where your priorities lie. I’m scared of after I’m done with the Qurán course, it’ll be so hard to keep up revision to keep the knowledge within you. I’m already missing it and i feel these holidays are a trial for me. My khushoo in Salah is different from how it used to be when I was getting daily doses of the Qurán.

Anyway coming back to the break, I just feel like taking out all the plugs. Solitude. Seclusion. I need time for myself and I’m so tempted to do that. But I just can’t, not when I have people depending on me to give them advice and others that turn to  me when they have a problem, religious or otherwise. For the past month or so, I’ve barely been at home, its either this or that and I had to end up going out. According to some people, I’ve gone to being totally anti-social to being too social. Heh. Khayr, as long as its not like Im going out to party or anything, but for genunine reasons.

I’m still going to try and cut my online time to make space for some ‘ME’ time. Especially in regards to revising the Qurán, working out and teaching some family members.

The month of Shabaan is here and it is sunnah to fast the first half of the month and it holds immense reward. Don’t get the oppurtunity pass you by!

Usaamah ibn Zayd said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, I do not see you fasting in any month more than in Sha’baan.’ He said, ‘That is a month concerning which many people are heedless, between Rajab and Ramadaan. It is the month is which people’s deeds are taken up to the Lord of the Worlds, and I would like my deeds to be taken up whilst I am fasting.’ [Saheeh al-Nasaa’i, 2221 & Abu Dawud]

May Allah allow us to enter into Ramadan and accept our fasts and deeds. Ameen!

PS – My second day of working out and although I’m excessively tired because my body is in a state of shock, I am happy alhamdulilah. 😀 I am so utterly out of stamina. I hope I can keep up the routine.

PPS – There were so many other things I wanted to blog out, like the stupidity of some [*SOME*] Men, marriage phobias, 10 year old curious children, supposed trips to Pakistan, and uhm yeah. But I dont have the energy.


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