Mystery Woman

August 2, 2009 § 12 Comments

I like knowing that behind the layers of clothing, the veils, the heavy black draped layers of cloth lies a Woman. A Woman with a smile, a Woman with a personality, with dreams and hopes. No one knows her except a few. Those few that she gives the privilege of knowing her, of seeing her, of being with her. Of laughing with her and sitting with her. Her eyes are a pool of mysteries, her lips curve in heldback laughter. But only those privileged enough see her and hear her laughter.

On the streets, she is unknown. Just a Woman among the many thousands of Women But what differentiates her from them is that when one looks at her, they don’t really ‘see’ her. Is it not amazing, I wonder? A Woman with so many hopes and dreams, with a life of her own, concealed to all except a few.

To the normal eye which does not hold the capability of looking beyond the apparent, she is considered a black walking figure, with no hopes and dreams. No life and no love. To them, she is concealing her femininty. How wrong they are I think, if only they were privileged enough to actually ever see her or be wither her. Or listen to her. To me, she is not but the epitome of femininty. And how could she not be? Her concealment does nothing but emphasise that she is not but a Woman.

A Woman proud yet humble. A Woman who has embraced her legacy passed down through generations starting from Eve. A Woman who works to pass it down further generations. She is everything combined in one, a Sister, a Teacher, a Mother, a Daughter, a Wife. And yet, so much more that the eye fails to see.


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