Working-Out… Not

August 20, 2009 § 19 Comments

The other day I ran on the treadmill after nearly a month and to my horror I was tired within 15 minutes. The reason why it was such a ‘horror’ was because I could run/jog on the treadmill for about 30 minutes non-stop.

That just shows how un-fit I’ve actually become. Sigh. It’s not just about loosing weight, what concerns me more is about fitness. You could be thin but not fit, if that makes sense.

I feel bad, I used to be involved in basketball, inline skating, horse-back riding, swimming and gymming. And now it’s almost nothing, my body has probably gone into shock.

To make things worse, although this is a Muslim Country, there aren’t a lot of All-Womens gym around because most of the people living in this particular city are Non-Muslims. So when there is no demand, there is no supply. The one I did go to, was crap compared to the mixed one and they were charging extra. I told myself I’d be able to do the same thing at home, but the motivation isn’t exactly there

I trained for horse-back riding for nearly four years. That is something I absolutely love, but back then I was just a Hijaabi, with Niqab it isn’t exactly err possible. Well I’m sure its possibly technically, but it’s not something I would have the guts to do. There is an all-Womens riding club, but its in another city and its going to be difficult getting there, especially with the traffic.


To top it all, I love food.


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§ 19 Responses to Working-Out… Not

  • Senilius says:

    Hey, you can start your own gym! πŸ˜›

  • Leena S. says:

    i know…we have some of the crappiest gyms in our area and as you say, being thin doesnt mean i am fit too. going out jogging would be a really bad idea esp where i live and there’s just no motivation at home *sigh*

    • PD says:

      I wouldn’t jog out anywhere in Karachi – period. [Unless it was like my own backyard, but even then…] lol What about those walking parks though? I see a lot of Women on those.

      • Leena S. says:

        arey yar i am allergic to pretty much everything that u can think of…there’s a park near my place where they have pet ducks, i am allergic to them! so i basically either have to walk on my roof or motivate myself to get back to yoga every now and then.

  • farooqk says:

    God have mercy… on the treadmill!! πŸ˜€

  • A treadmill would wear me out in way less than 15 minutes 😦 I’ve found I can pull 25-30 mins on the elliptical, but I have to stop for like a minute every 5 minutes if I push the resistance too high. My legs hurt while doing the elliptical! Re: being thin but not fit…I totally get you!

    Great blog, sis…I intend to read regularly, inshaAllah πŸ™‚

    • PD says:

      I know the feeling… but if you make a routine your body becomes used to it. Anyway I still have to sort out my own routine, inshaAllah khayr. Happy working-out! πŸ˜›

      And thanks, jazakAllah khayr, yours is pretty awesome too. πŸ™‚

  • Jogging out in the open at night/early in the morning is one of the best experiences I ve had, where you all alone, left with just your thoughts and an iPod… It allows you to think things through as if you are detached from the world completely for that short period.

    I ve had more epiphanies about various issues (especially my project) while jogging, than while I m deliberately thinking about solutions.

    • PD says:

      Sadly, being Woman puts a lot of dent into things. I uh simply cant go out jogging early morning or night. Not to mention our areas imams house was robbed so it isn’t exactly safe either.

  • Absar says:

    Oh tell me about it!! Whenever I start running again after an absence, I start panting after 10 minutes! :s But hey, it gets better real fast! And staying fit is an addiction, really, once you get a taste of it. (Especially if you’ve been obese in the past :P)

    • PD says:

      I so know what you’re talking about… especially the addiction bit.

      But then getting out of shape is real easy too… 😦

  • Yousuf says:

    wasim bhai! aap thakte nai hein?

    nai mein cig nai peeta ..

    kiya aap bhee cig nai peetee`n?

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