Medina Eid Salat 1430/2009

September 20, 2009 § 4 Comments

I always find the sheer amount of Muslims gathering for Eid Prayers amazing. Our local Masjid is pretty big and can hold a few hundred people [Men] and on the Womens section we have windows where we can look down at them. And on Eid the Masjid is completely full with people from all walks of life respresnting Islam and its beautiful just watching and hearing the Men recite the Takbeer in loud voices. [On normal days the Imam tends to start the Mens Saff from the middle of the Masjid]

Anyway, Medina and Mecca hold some of the largest Eid Prayers mashaAllah, just watching this video sent chills down my spine. Not to mention, Shaykh Budair recites beautifully.

The only sad part is that regardless of how many in number we might be, we as an Ummah are still weak and struggling because victory does not come through number, but through having sincere and steadfast Imaan.


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