Geert Wilders: Fine Women for wearing Hijab

September 30, 2009 § 18 Comments

This Man… is not a Man. He’s a pathethic excuse for a Man. Honestly, the stupidity he comes up with is just… ridiculous.

Geert Wilders said women observing the Islamic dress code or Hjiab should be fined 1,000 eu ros (1,461 dollars) per year.

The leader of the liberal-right Freedom Party PVV made his remarks during a parliamentary debate about the government’s budget plans on Wednesday.

“Everyone who wants to wear a headscarf, should first apply for a headscarf license,” DPA quoted Wilders as saying.

Read the whole article here: Source

What will it be next? Ban Women from covering their bodies? Or has he failed to realise that the Hijab is not just a Muslim covering but worn [albeit in a different manner] by Jewish Women too?

May Allah SWT protect our Sisters’ in Netherlands who wish to practice their deen. Ameen.


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§ 18 Responses to Geert Wilders: Fine Women for wearing Hijab

  • farooqk says:

    lol @ headscarf license!

    read about it sometime back, the west speaks about being liberal and what not, but all they really are is a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Senilius says:

    Idiot should get a license every time he wants to open his mouth.

  • Anas Imtiaz says:

    or maybe he shud just force all women of his family to move arnd naked…son of a b***h

  • Sophi says:

    Actually they are just afraid of the rapidly increasing number of muslims in EU and elsewhere. They can fall to their lowest. But how can one stop the flowing water? I wonder where is Amnesty and all those so-called human right activists b@#$%^&

    • PD says:

      That is what I’ve heard, Muslims in the EU and West are increasing rapidly.

      This reminds me of the verse where Allah says in the Qurán:

      They want to extinguish Allâh’s Light {Islâmic Monotheism) with their mouths, but Allâh will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the Kâfirûn (disbelievers) hate (it). (9-32)

  • H says:

    He seriously thinks that’s going to stop us? I’ll bet you the muslims who do have to start paying to wear their hijab will always be richer than people who not only make these rules but are remotely involved in the process of coming up with the idea – richer both in this world and the hereafter inshAllah!

    • PD says:

      Alhamdulilah.. I didn’t think of it that way but yes, you’re right. Richer in this world and the hereafter, but i dont think it’ll come to the fact that they’ll have to start paying inshaAllah. It’s just a suggestion & I’m hoping they dont accept it from him.

  • Specs says:

    He ain’t gonna stop us from going hijabbing! (Did I invent a new verb? Awesome!)

    • PD says:

      Lol, actually thats not exactly a new term, I’ve heard it used quite a few times by Hijabis [and nons too!], including ‘hijabified’ and ‘hijabed’. 😛

  • Full Moon says:

    Not related to this post, but I like your header! 😮

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