In the Passage of Time – 2

October 7, 2009 § 15 Comments

A friend of ours we thought we’d never see again came back to Dubai for a surprise visit. All of us met up again today and it was nice. A chance to dress up, the smiles, the food, the laughter, the discussions and updates over coffee. Alhamdulilah for good friends. When you have friends who you initially meet while treading the path of deen, you create a special bond between yourselves which is unlike any other friendship.

Yet again, as time passes, changes happen. Life is never stable, never set in one specific way. Just as after Day there is Night and the Creation is in a constant state of movement, likewise our lives are in a constant state of change and that in itself is a blessing otherwise we’d go crazy.

We’re so ungrateful though, I feel sometimes I’m put in situations or that real-life incidents are brought to me so I realise how ungrateful I am.

A friend of mine has a cyst in both her ovaries, what does that mean? She can’t ever have babies. She just got married recently and is in her early twenties. But Allahu Aalam, if Allah wishes he can bless anyone with children, its the tawakkul in Allah [swt] that counts. A beautiful example is of Ibrahim & Sarah [AS], Sarah was a barren woman and yet Allah subhanna wa ta’ala blessed them with Ishaaq.

But We gave her glad tidings of Ishâq (Isaac), and after Ishâq, of Ya’qûb (Jacob). (71) She said (in astonishment): “Woe unto me! Shall I bear a child while I am an old woman, and here is my husband, an old man? Verily! This is a strange thing!” (72) They said: “Do you wonder at the Decree of Allâh? The Mercy of Allâh and His Blessings be on you, O the family [of Ibrahîm (Abraham)]. Surely, He (Allâh) is All-Praiseworthy, All-Glorious.” (73) [Hud]

Anyway, we also ended up discussing a whole lot of other things. Like prostitutes – we know a Sister who is a councellor for Muslim Women prostitutes, and as scary and depressing as it may sound some of them are as young as 13 and when they leave their houses wear the full Abaya & Hijab. This girl still plays with dolls and looks like any other young innocent girl when you look at her. Depressing world isn’t it? But a lot of them have been sold by their own families, especially when the Iraq War happened because they couldn’t feed their children. One of them said, it’s humiliating at first… but then you get used to it.

We also has a discussion marriage, how you should end up enjoying your singlehood to the max [halal way ofcourse] & I’ve also realised, I’ve got a lot of freedom, in so many ways, thats its well… addictive. My Parents are okay almost most of the time if I want to go anywhere as long as they know where and I’m home before my Dad is. We also have this trust bond between us where my Parents know I won’t do anything wrong and as long as I’m safe, I’m set to go.

And in amidst all these, all my friends phones were ringing, guess who was calling? The hubbies. Wanting to know if everyone was okay, if they’re reached and when they’d be returning back home. Sigh. We’ve come to the conclusion that Men are over-grown babies. 😛

Another friend of mine got divorced, first one though but shes decided to go back. And I’m happy for her, because i think they’ll get their problems sorted out this time inshaAllah.

But marriage is such a gamble. How do you know your spouse wont turn out to be an abusive, cruel psycopath? Or that the sweet person he/she present themselves to be in fact, turns out to be a facade and they have a dark sinister side to them you never knew about. You hear all sorts of stories these days because people have become so hypocritical. I guess you just have to have faith.

… I scratched the Camry. 😦 And everytime I go out to open it, the dent stares back at me. No, not an accident alhamdulilah, I was parked somewhere and trying to leave without hitting the car parked close behind me, i ended up denting the side of the Camry with the door of the place. Surprisingly, my Dad isn’t as upset as I expected him to be – there are advantages of being the youngest of the family, female, puppy eyes and hugs. However, I don’t know what to do about the dent and the scratch, when you send the car to get serviced they ask you for a police confirmation receit and we dont have one, well, because i thought it wasn’t uh, important to call the Police. *sheepish*.

PS- We’re all so excited. A friend of mine gives birth in precisely a month! 😀


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§ 15 Responses to In the Passage of Time – 2

  • H says:

    I never though I’d have divorced friends myself (One because the husband was a psychopath :S) but it’s happening. Very happily married ones too. You just have to know yourself and know what you want and not settle i guess. He’s out there 🙂
    Friend get togethers are the best!

    • PD says:

      Oh God, See! I was right. And it was just a guess… :O I’m going to list that on my not-to-get-married-soon list.

      Oh I have a whole lot of friends and family who are divorced, I’ve gotten over the shock of learning someones divorced. :S

      • H says:

        I’d suggest you get rid of that list as soon as possible. You don’t want to hit your late twenties and be one of the girls dieing to get married but lost her chance to. I’ve seen those kinds as well :s
        Just have faith that it’s going to happen when it’s going to happen.

        • PD says:

          InshaAllah khayr.. but I think I have a worse problem then that, a phobia. 😛 Anyway, theres no point worrying about it though, like you said, having faith in Allah swt knowing what is best for you is the key.

  • farooqk says:

    i had a couple of divorced friends too. and a couple that should’ve been divorced. in case this is a competition. 😀

    i dont get why people ever come to such a stage that they have to get divorced. I guess they prolly let their problems pile up rather than work on them. or whatever. dang.

    • H says:

      You hit the problem at the target. I think it’s also got to do with the whole crazy busy lifestyles we live. When it comes to imp. problems like marriage arguments, we’re too lazy to work on them.

      • PD says:

        H – Actually also these days, the institution of marriage is not take AS seriously as it was before and im not just talking from a religious sense but in general. Before people worked really hard and stuck it out to make their marriages work. Now they’re just… whatever.

    • PD says:

      LOL – it is NOT a competition. 😛

      There are some really serious issues people end up going through and whats worse is when you know that the marriage started out completely fine with both of them as perfectly normal beings.

  • Anas Imtiaz says:

    you scratched the Camry?!!! u scratched the Camry?!!!!!!! Omg! I would have never been able to write this post had I scratched my hypothetical Camry, unless ofcourse I can hypothetically get the scratches removed after getting that hypothetical police receipt 😀

    • PD says:

      haha, its funny how you got stuck on that! 😛

      Well its not technically mine yet. Its still belongs to the ‘house’ although if my Dad gets a new car, I get the Camry!! 😀 [InshaAllah – so make dua]

      I still dont know what to do about the stupid dent, i guess ill leave it for my dad and brother to sort it out, if they aren’t saying anything i guess i dont have a problem.

  • Omar says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    “How do you know your spouse wont turn out to be an abusive, cruel psycopath? ”
    When you get the answer for this please do inform 🙂
    As of now we can only pray to allah to give us the best.

  • Sophi says:

    I know a happily married couple. Both are working at very high posts. The secret behind their successful marriage is that the husband lives in Pak with his parents and wife lives in Uk with her parents. They regularly visit each other on vocations.

    • PD says:

      Ouch! Lol – thats a problem of its own though. 😛 If they plan to have kids, they’ll be in trouble.

      And yay, you linked your blog!

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