The 25 Random things tag

October 21, 2009 § 38 Comments

I’ve been tagged by Sawj [I refuse to call him Senilius :P] to do this 25 tag thing: [25!!]


Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

25 randomest things from the top of my head.

  1. I’m doing this tag when I should be studying.
  2. I find immense pleasure in killing stereotypes.
  3. The max I’ve ever driven a car is at 120kmph & I really really want to touch 140 one day but I don’t know if I have the guts to do it. [Usually I’m a very careful driver :P]
  4. Since I was young there has been always one pet or the other in my house, we’ve had parrots, turtles, canaries, lovebirds, cats, cats and did I say cats? 😛
  5. When I used to listen to music my favourite genre was hip-hop. I’m mentioning this because people see me now they can’t imagine me listening to music, much less hip-hop.
  6. I get really concious & embarrased when I speak in Urdu because I speak it with an American accent. Especially when I’m in Pakistan [I think this also has to do with the fact that I’ve been picked on by my cousins a lot when I visit] – so when I do speak I make it a point to think clearly about my words but somehow I end up stuttering trying to explain myself. :/ I’m trying to make it an accentless Urdu.
  7. I love being creative and trying out new styles when it comes to Hijab & Niqaab. Oh the possibilities are endless. 😉 [Just don’t over-do them]
  8. I like to match! Although I wear the Abaya everywhere, I match my shoes to my bag to my watch to my rings to the embroidery on my shayla.
  9. I love sleeping. I absolutely need my sleep to function properly.
  10. I have a hard time saying ‘No’ to people… & this too has landed me in a lot of trouble.
  11. I have Gamophobia – fear of marriage – and I just recently admitted it to myself. When marriage and my name is mentioned in the same sentence i literally have the tendency to suffocate & I find the oddest things wrong with potentials. :O Surprisingly though, I also have people come to me for marital advice or to listen to their marital problems when I’m the last person they should be seeing.
  12. I’m awful at making decisions.
  13. I’ve been in love with Zaater W Zeits Djeij W Chicken for a while. *drool-worthy*
  14. When I first meet people I’m usually a very quiet person and I only tend to speak to people after I know them a little.
  15. I daydream & procrastinate at the most irrelevant times.
  16. A couple of months back I was heavily involved in writing, I used to write for a lot of different people/organisations and then I just… stopped. I feel bad because I haven’t written anything productive in a while.
  17. Until just a few years back, I used to play… computer and PS2 games. My brother would get all these new games and then we’d both end up trying them out. I became exceptionally good at AOE3, Monkey Island & Tekken.
  18. I really like the concept of cooking but I don’t know how to cook much except for baking. And currently my Moms going crazy getting worried that I’m in my 20’s & I don’t know half of the thing she knew when she was in her 20’s. 😛
  19. I get  self-consciouswhen I wear glasses. I’m a very non-specs person because when I started wearing glasses initially I was in Junior School & my first pair of specs were big fat blue specs and they looked awful on me. When I got the chance I started wearing lenses but just recently after a few infections in my eye I was re-motivated to try out glasses again at times.
  20. I absolutely love horse-back riding. I used to ride for 4 years but that was before I started wearing Niqaab strictle. I’m hoping they open a riding school specifically for just-women over here in Dubai. I was initially motivated to start riding because of my love of horses. Horses are beautiful creatures.
  21. I’ve once hit a parked car and ran. Because I was scared. [But it wasn’t so bad] However I’ve always felt guilty about it till this day. [Why I’m admitting this on here i dont know…]
  22. I’m not a very patriotic person.
  23. I’m awful at organisation. Absolutely awful.
  24. When I leave the house I try do Wudhu whenever I can, its this habit I’ve developed, especially since I started driving because of the possibility that I could always end up in an accident and die.
  25. I get asked about how I don’t feel like visiting Cinemas anymore… [I’m not going to go into if Movies are halal or haraam thing] because what started happening was I’d think if I die at this moment, in this Cinema hall, I’m going to be brought up on the day of judgment facing Allah subhanna wa ta’ala watching a … movie. That really killed it for me. 😛

Oh and considering most of the people are already tagged I’ll just do a few:

I tag: Sophi, Falsa & Farooqk.

If you’re reading this and aren’t tagged, consider yourself tagged!


§ 38 Responses to The 25 Random things tag

  • H says:

    Gamophobia? That’s the first time I’ve ever read that word! I didn’t even know it existed.
    Oh and horse riding, yeah, I love it too. Come to think about it, Horses are my favourite animal 🙂

  • Senilius says:

    Shaking head @ 7 & 8. 😛

    Horses are beautiful creatures, only animal that Allah has sworn over in the Quraan. 😉

    ROFLMAO @ 24 & 25. 😛

  • anas imtiaz says:

    Weird I was thinking the same thing in the cinema TODAY before the movie began :S :S

    No. 19 –> Conscious of what?

    Gamophobia, i thought it was fear of games lol

  • Leena S. says:

    i wish i could learn to wear my hijab in a few more ways!

    • PD says:

      and surprisingly i really cant wear it the square hijab way 😛

      have you tried shaylas? [rectangular cloth] they’re so much easier to wear and be creative with]

      • Sophi says:

        ohoo so they are called shayla. I have many of them but I hardly wear them. Yes I wear that square scarf usually. I dont know how to wear shaylas. They are lying idle 🙂
        When I wear them, it feels like kisi nay phansi dey di ho 😀 how do you wear them?

        • PD says:

          haha lol @ phansi. that means you’re tying them to hard. You need to be a little gentle with them.

          Also, it depends on the material you have.

          I usually just.. wrap them around. 😛 I wear undercaps underneathe them though, it keeps my hair from showing and keeps the hijab in place. 😛

          • Sophi says:

            I couldn’t find the undercap yar. Some one brought me two caps from SA but they are very odd, made of black net and silk …..yekhh. I couldn’t wear them at all. Tell me any shop if you know in LHR.

            • PD says:

              Hmm I don’t know much in Lahore, the only time I’ve been in lahore is for maximum for a week. 😛 I know a girl in lahore though, Ill ask her if she knows any places. If not, anytime you visit karachi & I’m visiting too, ill get some from here. 😛 [Although I don’t know when they chance will be…] most people I know get them from here.

              The ones I get are usually cotton & they’re comfortable.

  • Sophi says:

    lol @ [Just don’t over-do them] 😀

    We are same in most of the points. Or should I say all girls are more or less same? 🙂

    Leena yar I also keep searching different ways of wearing hijab, then end up on this typical ghissa pita style. I have even set some arabic channels especially for this purpose.

    PD: why dont you start a post on “101 ways of wearing Hijab/Niqab/Abaya”? we ll be grateful 🙂

    • PD says:

      How do you wear it? If its the square wala scarf, i almost never wear that] 😛

      haha, i was thinking of doing one on niqab, but ill consider the hijab one too now 😛

  • Sophi says:

    oh i m also tagged :O ……25 big number

  • siras says:

    9, 10, 14, 15, 19 & 22. Me toooo! 😀

  • […] update the blog and wat can be better than a tag, especially one which I have churaofied from PD’s […]

  • Monkey Island? You play Monkey Island????? What are you? Two?

  • Absar Shah says:

    Gamer girl? Is it very wrong if I suddenly find you very very hot? 😛 Though the no-glasses policy takes the edge off, so I think it’s okay 😛

    (See, I did my best to stay away from the marriage part of your post :P)

  • anas imtiaz says:

    what? 2 themes in 2 minutes? 😛 the one before this was good

  • farooqk says:

    hit the gas, 120 is slow! 😛

    i SO knew you listened to hip-hop! BURGER! hahaha

    Za’tar is a blessing to mankind 😀

    poor horsey! muahaha 😛

  • Specs says:

    *thumbs up* @ #2: I think you’ve shattered some so far. 🙂

    And yes, even though my NAME is Specs, I don’t wear Specs. I was the wear them sometimes-not others kind of wearer till I absolutely couldn’t see without them owing to the introduction of white boards at school and glasses were pressing a nerve on the bridge of my nose so we spent ages and countless visits to the Optometrist trying to find the perfect pair of lenses. Many waster pairs and allergic reactions later, I found CooperFlex to be the ones that suited me to a T. I use them everyday now… and no one knows I wear spectacles! *grin*

    • PD says:

      I’m glad I have. 😛

      Actually when I was writing the specs comment I kept on thinking about you for some reason. haha i guess it was because you’re names specs.

      Oh it was the same for me, i shifted to lenses quite a few years back and only wear glasses at home.

      But recently i’d been having a few problem with my eyes so i thought id let them breathe a while and give glasses a try again. The thing is, usually i tend to misplace mine a lot too so i almost never kept a nice pair with me.

      At the insisting of my mom i finally got a nice pair of specs which i can wear out also when i dont feel like wearing my lenses or im in a rush. 🙂

  • falsa says:

    I just read your post, I was just thinking, there are so many things I already knew about you. 🙂 Will do the tag post 20 days. I am an exhibitionist. Just love an excuse, btw the naqabi picture is so..funky, I love it. In the other post.

    • PD says:

      🙂 Looking forward to it. lol, i like it too, i think it looks pretty.

      Haven’t spoken to you in a while, hope you’re doing good inshaAllah. Miss you.

  • sophi says:

    that’s the good idea PD. just gimme a call when you arrive at karachi. i will take the flight, reach khi, take shaylas from you and return LHR ultay paoon. no problem at all 🙂

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