December 16, 2009 § 18 Comments

I need to make them.



December 4, 2009 § 18 Comments

I need a break. From everything. Preferably somewhere isolated. A cabin in the midst of wilderness perhaps. Oh and no means of comunication – especially the Internet.

I want to be left alone for a little while – in the midst of Gods nature where I can contemplate. Meditate.

Lifes unfair though and the above isn’t exactly possible is it?

I was off for the past 5-6 days and I hate to say this but I spent them terribly. I got no work done. Didn’t even start on any personal goals or even try to achieve anything. I just wasted, wasted and wasted.

My imaan has been on the down low lately and my own weaknesses have been eating me alive.

I think I need to re-listen to Imam Anwar Al Awlakis ‘the hereafter’ series. Nothing like remembering death and your akhira to boost your imaan.

Keep me in your duaas. Please.

PS I will reply soon to the PW post below soon inshaallah. Really appreciate the responses, Jazak Allah khayr. 🙂

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