And it gets weirder…

January 19, 2010 § 6 Comments

I was speaking to a friend of mine at an Islamic Seminar the other day which we were both attending when my friends Mother-In-Law [to-be] walked by and introduced herself.

I didn’t think anything at first obviously, but after a while when she fixated on me and kept on giving me wide smiles I became a little suspicious.

The next day, I met my friend again and lo and behold, I knew I was right. This Auntie has asked for me for her other son. And my best-friend is getting married to her eldest.

How weird[er] and complicated does it get?


This is my third proposal in half aΒ  month.

And this is definitely a No too…

If my Mom finds out about all the other i didn’t even bother looking into AND didn’t tell her about, she is so going to kill me. 😦


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